How to start new campaign

Login to Taroads account at Advertiser panel, you could create PopUnder, Push Notifications and Interstitial campaigns based on CPM, CPC and CPA pricing models.

STEP 1 Create the campaign

STEP 2 Create the ad

STEP 3 Select Ad format & basic information

  • CPM Pricing: Cost Per Thousand Impressions - 1,000 ad impressions. This is the best option if you are trying to increase or improve your brand visibility.
  • CPC Pricing: Cost Per Click - 1 ad click. This is recommended option when trying to drive traffic to your website and you know how much you are willing to pay.
  • Ad Name: Should be unique name so you can search and filter in reports.
  • Target URL: Your website or landing page. Add some parameters for tracking & follow up.
  • Budget Limitation: Ad level budget. You can set maximum spending each day by setting daily budget.
  • 1000 Impression Limitation: How many 1000 Impression you expect to get - total and daily.
  • Budget Capping: Give you more controls on how your budget is used. Default is no capping.
  • 1000 Impression Capping: Maximum 1000 Impression you will get per time frame. Default is no capping.
  • Default Bidding: Maximum dollas you willing to pay for 1000 Impression. This can be overided by country bidding.

STEP 4 Select targeting


STEP 5 Select audience targeting

  • Use audiences to show ads only for people who have visited your website earlier

Once you completed a campaign's creation process, yeu could run ad A.S.A.P, pause & schedule or save as a draft.

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